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PrinterThis is a birthday party games resource every parent should have in their bag of tricks. Whatever your theme, you’re very likely to find a game you can tweak to fit that theme at

Not free, but reasonably priced, this website is a treasure trove of games that you print out for your crowd. Even if you don’t buy, their games may give you great ideas that you can then put together on your own.

Got great birthday party ideas but just not quite enough to fill your party agenda? These printable games may be just what you need to round things out for the kids. Paper and pencil thinking games are also a terrific way to calm things down and the perfect follow up to an energizing activity, so you can stay sane. It’s always a good idea to follow an active game with a more sedentary one to help the kids stay in control.

At you’ll find games specific for luau parties, pirate parties, slumber parties, and camping themed parties. In addition, they’ve got non-themed games like “Lie to Me” and “Tangled Tongue Twister” and a “Been There Done That” game that looks like fun for teens.

Keep this website in your arsenal of resources for party games. If nothing else, having one extra game all printed out and ready to go in the event your timing is off and you’ve got too much time before parents come for pick up can be a godsend!

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