Dollar Sign

Games or Money?

Dollar SignSummer is the PERFECT time to get off the merry-go-round of who spent how much on their child’s birthday party. Think about it- there’s a reason kids often throw up on the carousel; we don’t belong there! And I thank the¬† for the reminder that parents DO NOT have to play this game.

And for reminding parents that the alternative to money and paying others is a little time and a little creativity to keep a bunch of whatever-year-olds having fun. Is your goal to out-perform the last ¬†bunch of parties your child went to or is it to give the kids a good time that celebrates your child’s milestone? I suggest it should be the latter.

Sure- Pinterest and the web are loaded with incredibly extravagant photos of spreads suitable for a prince or princess. And if that’s what those parents enjoy doing, great- they’ve had fun putting it together. Doesn’t mean you have to compete with it. Trust me- those parents get great pleasure out of their own accomplishments, and that’s cool, but I’d bet a lot of money that the party kids barely look at it or register very many of those time consuming details. ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND WHO YOUR AUDIENCE IS.

That’s why this blog focuses so heavily on ideas for fun games and DIY stuff that doesn’t take forever or cost a lot. Lower the bar, not raise it, in your neighborhood or school district. You’ll never hear it, but you’ll be getting a bunch of silent ‘thank you’s’.


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