Funny Bone

Funny Bones

Funny BoneFunny Bones is a very silly party game that will have them pretzeling and laughing and having fun. Works with most any age (including adults) if they can follow instructions. No need to go out and buy that game of Twister.

Pair the kids up in two’s – even  make a game out of creating the pairs. Write one body part on each of two little pieces of paper, one paper for each child, and have them draw the papers out of a hat and keep the information to themselves. Then you as host(ess) call out various body parts, including many that you didn’t include in the drawing. The two with the same body part become a pair. Continue until everybody’s paired up.

Now, you call out two body parts, for example knee and ear, and each pair has to figure out how to put those two body parts in contact. Once everybody’s gotten it, call out two more body parts, except this time the kids need to try to keep all 4 body part in contact- if possible. Keep going until it becomes impossible, then start them over. You might want to orchestrate this ahead of time so it’s actually possible to go more than 2 rounds, For example- shoulder and elbow, followed by finger and nose, followed by wrist and knee, followed by foot and thigh…

It’s probably best to play this game on a softer surface like a rug rather than concrete as they will be falling down, laughing and having a good old time.

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