Math Dice

Fun Math Dice Game

Math DiceI’m beginning to get the idea that ThinkFun just plain makes great educational games that kids are just plain going to have fun playing. And for kids birthday party gifts, I’m ALWAYS in favor of educational instead of plastic, throw-away junk.

Seems every night on the news we hear how we need to develop more math and science skills in our kids, and this game will sharpen those math skills while being fun. Under $10 right now at Amazon and geared for kids 6 and up. The games are quick so they don’t lose interest in the middle. A great game to keep those math skills sharp. Solid 5 star reviews from parents on Amazon. [NOTE: If you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from amazon and that seems fair to me.]

Easy to play. Roll the big 12 sided die to get a target number, then roll the 6 regular die and use the 4 basic math operatives ( + – * / )to get to that target number. To quote one of the parent reviews on Amazon “It’s small, cheap, and a great way to get kids to practice math with out it being dull!” The other often repeated comment among the parent reviews is ‘flexible’.

Why not give a present that you can feel good about and that actually builds needed skills while still being good fun? How about getting one for your house when they need a kids activity and you’d just as soon it be educational as well as fun?

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