Foam Prints

Foam Prints

Foam PrintsStart saving all those foam food containers with flat panels (not coffee cups) and you’ve got the makings of a great art project for your next kids party. The only other supplies you will need are a sharp knife to cut those flat panels out of the containers (do this ahead of time), poster or acrylic paints, fairly heavy art paper (not newsprint- too flimsy), your rolling pin or heavy tin cans  and a few inexpensive throw away rollers kits (which include the trays) from the paint store.

See the picture tutorial for this print craft over on, and you’ll see how simple this really is. Using just pencils to draw into the foam panels creates a print plate. The kids can draw whatever they like or narrow their choices to whatever jives with your party theme.

Now for the fun part- make sure your project area is well protected from paint dribbles with plastic (cheap party plastic tablecloths or the cheap drop clothes from the paint store).  Using the roller and paint in the roller tray, have the kids roll the paint onto their foam print plate. Show them how to remove the excess paint in the roller tray- don’t fill them too full or they won’t be able to do this.

With the paint covered print plate right side up on the table, cover it with the art paper and show the kids how to proceed to use the rolling pin to create their print. Also show them how to CAREFULLY peel the print off the plate so the drawing comes out clean and not smudged.

Most kids don’t get to make prints in school art– I only did in college studio art 101, and it IS fun!

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