Flashlight Fun

FlashlightFlashlights in the dark are fun in and of themselves and perfect for your camping or campout birthday party now that good weather is here for a while. Ask each child to bring one (labeled with their name) in your invitation, and you’ve got a couple of good birthday party games in the making that will keep them entertained.

Dig out those plastic Easter eggs from your attic, and fill something like 4 or 5 per child with fun stuff: M&M’s, coated gum, pennies or dimes, stickers, nuts, whatever strikes your fancy that fits. Then hide them all over the yard or the designated hunt area.

The kids can either search solo or in small teams. Whoever collects the most treasure is the winner.

Place something special in one or two of the eggs and make those eligible for some special ‘prize’ – say getting shot with silly string.

Once this treasure hunt has played itself out, turn it into a game of flashlight hide and seek.

Use a wall of your house or the garage door and challenge the kids to make fun and/or scary shadows with their flashlights. This works best in teams of two that figure out how to make the shadow, then one to hold the flashlight and one to maneuver their hands or body to do it.

Kids age 6 to 8 or preschool age kids can have an awful lot of fun with these flashlight in the dark games, and they cost you virtually nothing and take only a bit of your time to prepare. That makes these good gamesĀ for you camping birthday party.

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