Fashionista Headbands

Flower HeadbandThere’s very few preteen girls that I know that wouldn’t love to wear this fashionable headband, so why not keep them busy making their own to take home from your slumber party? They can chat and giggle and snack while they create and have a delightful time.

There’s even a tutorial showing all the steps to make it that you can just have on a laptop for the girls to watch before they start creating. Let’s give a shout out to Melissa Stapleton for putting this online for everybody!

You’ll need to provide the girls with the following materials, which shouldn’t add up to much expense:

  • 1 wide headband per girl
  • sheer fabric in various colors- 1/4 yard of 4 or 5 complementary colors (so they can mix things up) should be enough
  • felt (probably as close in color to the headbands as possible)
  • fabric glue
  • scissors
  • needles and thread

You should print out several of the templates (there are three sizes – all available on the tutorial page) on cardstock that the girls can then use to cut their flower forms. Do this ahead of time. I’m thinking it might be a really good idea to have the fabric pre-cut as per the templates, enough of all the colors for all the flowers for all the headbands, but this will take you some time.  And do be prepared to lend a hand and – or some explanation of how it all goes together, but it’s always nice to be needed.

Some good nibbles, music in the background and a work area set up either at a big table or just on a sheet on the floor, and they’ll be all set to start gabbing while they work, once they understand how the headbands go together. It’s probably smart to give them a place to put all unused sewing needles and to remind them to be careful with them and remind them how much it hurts to get one stuck in your foot if they’re not careful with them.

Like all good party crafts, making these flower headbands will keep them happily busy for some time and they’ll have a highly fashionable take home party favor when they’re done.

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