Fairy Cupcakes

Fairy Cupcakes

Fairy CupcakesThese cute and easy fairy cupcakes are sure to get those little girls’ angel wings a-fluttering at your daughters birthday party. There’s a reason they all (well, most all) have a pair of wings in their dress-up box, and that’s because they love the idea of fairies.

So these cuties are sure to please and will look terrific on your birthday party food table. They’re even easy enough to make extras for take home party favors, and then you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Thanks to parenting.com for sharing the full instructions for making these birthday party cupcakes- just follow the link above. All you need are yellow Juicy Fruit gum (wings), green Jolly Rancher fruit chews (dresses), vanilla wafers (arms and legs), mini marshmallows (fairy head), small heart candies (mouth), blue and yellow food coloring to tint the store-bought vanilla frosting, the cupcakes in a colorful (i.e. green) paper, black decorating icing (the eyes) and coarse decorator sugar for the edge of the cupcakes. The instructions even give you templates for cutting the cookies into the arms and legs, the gum into the wings and the fruit chews into the dress.

Granted, the kids don’t come to your party to eat, but you can still delight them with a visual ‘WOW’ that brings a fantasy to life like these fairy cupcakes. Who says your birthday party food has to be the ‘same old’. Just a little extra time and you can create something really special like these little ladies.

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