Fabric Heart Wreath

Fabric Heart Wreath

Fabric Heart WreathMom gets to hang it but the kids can make this fun wreath for Valentine’s Day or any day needing something for them to do. This craft is also engaging enough for preteen girls at a birthday or sleepover party.

Mess For Less: Valentine Decoration: Fabric Wreath

No need to pay for a heart form either– you can easily make one from a wire coat hanger. Once the form is made, it’s simply a matter of cutting the fabric strips and looping them onto the frame- easy to do while chatting and snacking at a party or at the kitchen table on an otherwise boring day. Might be a nice activity to do together one long afternoon- maybe in front of a good movie you can both enjoy.

Just choose your fabric from the craft or fabric store based on the color schemes you want, or mix it all up from the scrap bin.

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