Exercise and Learning

RollerbladingAs parents, we all know how important exercise is for our children to maintain healthy bodies, but there is now evidence to show that exercise is also important to our children’s mental health and learning ability as well. Several studies have been conducted to see how learning and exercise are related and the overwhelming findings have been that children who are more active have also done better academically. So what can we do as parents to help our children get off to a good start both physically and academically? Kids Tips will try to help.

Some of the studies that have been conducted have linked physical activity and better grades on standardized tests, as well as claiming that the processing speed of the brain and the ability to focus and remain attentive increase with exercise. Read more about these studies at or at Both of these sites share some wonderful information on the subject of children’s exercise and the effects on learning.

In order to get our kids off to the best possible start, both physically and academically, we need to get them to be more active in their time at home. Some good ideas to achieve this is to get them used to a short morning exercise routine, having running, hopping or skipping races whenever possible and making a bending and tossing game out of picking up their belongings in the evenings. Anything to keep them moving will be beneficial and making it fun will make it easier to get them involved.

While we parents can’t control how much exercise and movement our kids get during the day in school, it may well pay off to get them moving before they get to school so their brain is in top form as they tackle their academic day. Sadly, the days of walking or biking to school seem to be gone, at least where I live, but if there’s any way parents can accompany our kids on a brisk walk or ride to school, it might just do a world of good for our kids.

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