Even More Lego Games

LegosFound a couple more good party games that easily convert to a Lego game with simple tweaks. Put all these Lego themed games from the last few posts here together and you’ve got more than you’ll need for your next Lego party.

Both of these games are Lego versions of preschool game staples found at every carnival and fair they go to- because the kids really do enjoy these games.

#1- the Ring Toss game. Create a tower out of Legos that will be the target. Then cut the center out of paper plates to make the rings. Experiment with the distance for the target from the line on the floor or rug that they have to stay behind for the toss- duct or masking tape works well for the line.

#2- the Spoon Race. Place a bowl or bucket full of various Legos a good distance away from the kids- use that line on the floor from the preceding game. Divide the kids into two teams, each with a spatula or big cooking spoon (a spoon is easier because of the sloping sides- the ‘big’ is important here). Line the kids up on each team for a relay style race. On go, the first ones from each team go get as many Legos on their spatulas/spoons as they can and bring them back to their team, drop them on the floor and hand off the spatula/spoon to the next team member to repeat the process. When everyone on the team has done their thing, and not before, the kids start to use those Legos to build a tower. The first team to complete their tower is the winner. Cooperating to build that tower will be a challenge- and that’s the point.

Giving credit where it’s due– these ideas came fromĀ

These are both tried and true kids gams that fit beautifully with a Lego party theme, so have some fun with them.

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