Eat a Peck of Dirt

I Love DirtI never do two non-birthday posts in a row, but with summer just starting I had to share this kids activity just like I had to share yesterday’s kids tip about drinking water. Here’s a guide to help parents get simple and, literally, down to earth, with this kids acitvity and together to explore the natural wonders all around us.

I Love Dirt by Jennifer Ward offers 52 open ended kids activities you can do with your child to discover nature and engage with nature together. At a time when our kids actually suffer from a ‘nature deficit’ and a ‘video screen surplus’, this book is a call back to the basics. I strongly encourage you to read the reviews on Amazon, which highlight that the simplicity of this book and it’s suggested activities are actually it’s strength.

The books activities encompass all four season, but it just seemed appropriate to bring it your attention at the start of our summer here in the US. Start exploring with your child when the living is easy, and it won’t be difficult to continue when the weather becomes a bit more problematic.

There’s no specific age recommendation for the book on Amazon, but one reviewer suggest it’s for preschool kids age 2 to 5, and from the tone of various reviews, that sounds about right.

A love of nature and the outdoors is an invaluable gift to pass along to a child, and activities like these can help you do just that while spending meaningful together time. Have Fun!

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