Tip Junkie Ice Cream Cake

Easy Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Tip Junkie Ice Cream CakeForget paying through the nose for a store-bought ice cream cake- this is EASY to do! Hats off to Jeanne Winters for adapting an allrecipes.com recipe and sharing her success and her how-to with all of us. THANKS!! Check this ice cream birthday cake out on her blog.

You will need: oreos, 1/4 cup of melted butter, your 9″ springform pan, a jar of hot fudge sauce, chocolate covered graham cookies, 1.5 quarts of chocolate ice cream and 1 quart of complimentary flavor ice cream- cookies and cream, mint chip, your choice. And, room in your freezer for the pan (a real challenge for my overcrowded freezer).

Putting this confection together is, pardon the pun, a piece of cake. Crush 25 of the oreos, mix with the butter and line the bottom of the pan. Stand the cookies around the edge of the pan as the sides of your cake. Cover the cookie bottom with (warmed- so it’s spreadable) hot fudge sauce and freeze for 15 minutes. Soften the chocolate ice cream and add over the hot fudge sauce- freeze again for 30 minutes. Top with scoops of your 2nd flavor ices cream- filling in between the scoops with any ice cream that melted while you’re adding in the scoops. Freeze four hours or overnight and it’s done.

Here’s my favorite part of this recipe- let the kids ‘decorate’ this ice cream cake as one of your party activities. Have colored sugar, assorted sprinkles, even more caramel or chocolate sauce, whipped cream. This is a party after all, not a weight watchers meeting! Give the table a raincoat so that when they miss with the decorations it’s no big deal.

WARNING– this cake creator says it’s really sweet, so thin slices are sufficient!

Not that 2+ quarts of ice cream are cheap these days, but they are WAY less expensive than buying a ready made ice cream birthday party cake. Save a few $ on your birthday cakeĀ and it will help keep your budget intact with no sacrifice as to quality and fun.

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