Advent Jar

Easy DIY Advent Jar

Advent JarSo often, the simplest ideas are just the best, and this is one:

Mess For Less: Easy DIY Advent Jar and 35 Advent Calendar Ideas.

Make a recycled jar pretty with ribbon, paint, stickers, whatever you’ve got that works. Buy or dye popsicle sticks, or use them natural. Write your messages on the sticks (wide ones work better for this purpose), and it’s done. Mess For Less has even included 35 different message/activity ideas for the sticks.

This effective yet simple idea works for all kinds of things beyond Advent Calendars.

Use it to distribute party favors at your next birthday party, where the messages are the favors like “go for pizza with Joey” or “a sleepover with Suzanna” or “ice skating on a Saturday afternoon with Paul”.

Collect lots of jars and ribbons for the kids to make pencil holders to take home from your next birthday party.

Dress up jars for your silverware next time you’re feeding a big gang buffet style.

Sometimes the width of the mouth of a jar is the perfect thing for a bouquet from the garden or the supermarket.

The problem with piggy banks is you can’t see your progress. Use a pretty jar instead to keep all the coins that they can watch grow. Paint cute little piggies on it- copy from web clip art.

I’m sure there’s a million other ways use to use these prettied-up old jars. A great idea from Mess For Less.

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