Dyslexia Awareness Month

Dyslexia makes reading difficult for a lot of kids, and some of the tactics used to help dyslectic kids are enumerated in this excellent post: Dyslexia Awareness Month. And, these tactics may well help any struggling reader, dyslexic or not.

As the old joke goes, “practice, practice, practice” and it applies to reading as well as Carnegie hall. But practice with the right level of reading will make the pay-off that much greater. Let the kids pick the topics; the more interested they are the more likely the practice will actually get done. Struggling readers should work with books that have short sentences, short chapters and appropriate vocabulary. The less frustration involved, the more successful the practice will be.

As much fun as taking the children to the library to pick their own books can be, these reading tactics perhaps suggest it’s not the best course of action for the struggling reader. He or she might be better served by having books on topics known to be of interest picked for him or her, to get that appropriate vocab and reading level.

Other good reading tactics include read-along audio books which help kids learn the word patterns and groupings. Same goes for reading aloud- get the whole family involved in a no-TV night of family reading.

Be sure to see the list of hints for picking good books for your kids– there’s lots here I certainly never knew about that may prove very helpful to your own developing reader.

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