Dressing up the Fruit

Fruit The younger your guests are, the more important to your sanity and the success of your party to control the sugar intake. Remember- carbs like chips are quickly converted to sugar and will also give them a sugar high.

So what’s to be done? Easy- dress up the ‘good for you’ stuff so it’s fun and colorful and it will go down a whole lot easier. Have healthy stuff around for them to grab as needed, and if it looks nice, they will! And, your little dressed up snacks lying about will contribute to the feeling of fun as another of your birthday party decorations.

Put grapes in small paper cups with colorful ribbon around it or a theme related cupcake topper stuck into it. For example, a sail and a jolly roger on a stick for a pirate party.  Continuing the pirate theme,  use pineapple wedges as boats with apple or grape ‘sails’ on toothpicks, topped again with those jolly roger paper flags. Make some of your pirate ship cups with nuts instead of fruit- peanuts, cashews, or mixed nuts.

Give them peanut butter to dip apple slices in- delicious!! (makes a great mom snack too, since apples are a fairly low sugar fruit).

Orange quarters also make little boats to decorate with grapes or apples on a toothpick.

When the sugary stuff isn’t available to them, and the healthy stuff is colorful and fun, they’ll eat it.  So just using paper cups and themed toppers, ribbons, stickers, whatever strikes your fancy, you can dress up your fruit and or nuts for more healthful party food that will look good AND reduce that dreaded sugar-high.

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