Dressing Up Pirate

GrownUp PirateDressing up to go with your kids pirate party theme puts you IN the party, and squarely IN the memory your child will take away.  Sure beats being remembered as the ‘bad cop’ or the ‘mean mom’.

Getting a pirate rig together is neither hard nor expensive, so go for it. First, check your closet and attic, your relatives and/or friends’ closet or attic, then the thrift store.

Tight dark pants and a big white shirt, as in this graphic, say pirate right off when paired with the sash, the bandana and the eye patch. A yard or two (depending on the width) of very inexpensive fabric will give you two pieces to put together for the sash plus the square for the bandana.

Scuffy old black boots are a must. A fake mustache or beard from the party store can also be a nice touch. Pick up a fake sword while you’re there, or make one out of cardboard. A few holes in your pirate gear says you’re a tough one and not to be trifled with!

If you stumble on a striped t-shirt, cut open the neck a bit (to get that ‘boat neck’ effect) and you’ve just become a common deck hand on that pirate ship.

If your white shirt is more button down than pirate style, add a vest and lots of pirate booty around your neck and no one will notice. Rings on your fingers, no matter what style of pirate shirt, attests to your success at plunder. Of course, the single hoop earring is a must.

Don’t forget the Johnny Depp eyeliner and make-up (aka ‘dirt’) to complete your look.

The less you look like the real Mom or Dad, the more fun and memorable it will be for your child. And ham it up now that you’ve dressed the part! Dressing up takes your kids party theme to it’s logical conclusion and adds greatly to the fun.

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