Dress the Part(y)

Dress Up MomJoin your birthday child at their own level for their next birthday party. Don’t just be the party slave or the bad cop, BE your kids party theme.

Having a cooking party? Don that big white chefs’ hat, the white coat and the checked pants to become a key ingredient to your party.

Doing a pirate themed birthday party? One eye patch, the black and white striped shirt plus a “Mom” heart tattoo on your arm and some dirt on your face and you’ll be as swashbuckling as the kids.

For a detective or mystery party, get that raincoat and a fedora with your notepad and flashlight. A red clown nose, whiteface makeup, baggy pants with colorful suspenders and a squirting flower will make you a star at your circus themed party.

The helmet and jersey over the shoulder pads, or the cap, shirt and socks for a sports themed party puts you right in the game. The clipboard, sunhat and shorts, plus the whistle on the lanyard turns you into the camp counselor for your camping birthday party.

The variations on this theme are many, and you get the idea. Dig in the attic, borrow from friends, hit the thrift store or the on-line stores like Oriental Trading, and with a little up-front planning it won’t be hard to find what you need.

Dressing the part for your next themed birthday party puts you squarely into the party instead of being a bystander to all the fun. Provided your child isn’t yet of the age where everything you do is embarrassing, you’ll be a star to your child and mighty cool to his or her friends.  You’ll have great photo memories and one more special bond between you and your child.

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