Double the Cupcake Fun

CupcakeBirthday Cupcakes are the easy alternative to birthday cake, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as decorative and fun to look at as a cake. Leave it to Martha Stewart to show us how to make them stand-out cute yet so very simple.

I’ve already showed you how to make your own cupcake toppers in a snap just using graphics from the web,  a white drinking straw and a little glue. And I’ve given you a printable template for making scalloped edged paper cupcake holders. Make these even more decorative by adding graphics to the template before printing- be they polka dots or superhero images. Alternatively, cut out the wrappers from colored paper and then add glitter for your festive look.

What Martha has added to these two birthday cupcake tricks, very simple and lovely, is to add a small colorful ribbon to the cupcake topper stick. Pick ribbon that reflects your party colors and theme. You won’t need much to add to a whole lot of toppers, so the expense is minimal. Just tie the ribbon around the stick- no need to fool around with a bow as it’s too small a space anyways.

One last embellishment for presenting your beautiful cupcakes. Make a great big round version of your cupcake topper and glue it to a round piece of cardboard to function as your serving plate for the cupcakes. You could even add a big topper to the center of this serving tray.

Great chefs all know that presentation is almost as important as taste, and these are very easy ideas for making your birthday cupcake presentation as much fun as your party.

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