Pirate Door Decoration

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Pirate Door DecorationGreet your guests with a themed door decoration and they’ll be in the mood for your games and activities right when they cross the threshold! This one’s for a pirate birthday party, but with minimal artistic ability you can create a similar greeting for your party guests for a multitude of party themes. Think Princess, Star Wars, Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, etc., etc.

This guy’s so cute, so here’s a shout out to Suzanne over at oursouthernnest.blogspot.com for a great idea that’s infinitely adaptable to your party. You can’t tell so much from this photo, but she has hung this decoration at the midpoint of her screen door (the doorknob is at the top of this pirate’s head) – just at eye level if you’re 3 or 4 years old!!

You can use a foam board from Office Max or Staples and your exacto knife to cut your shape and sharpies to draw or glue on fabric or pieces of construction paper to create your image. Find a stylized and largely geometric image online that matches your theme and work from that- the more geometric it is the easier it will be to recreate without being an artist.

Remember who your audience¬† is– a bunch of young children – and they don’t need a Picasso to be able to enjoy the image and get excited by it about your party. And that’s your purpose here, not getting hung at the Met.

So have some creative fun coming up with a kid friendly door decoration for your next birthday party. Perhaps this is something an older sibling would really enjoy doing for you and for the birthday child? Be it a lion’s head for your jungle party or Darth Vadar or Buzz Lightyear or Casper the Ghost for Halloween, greet your guests with a themed decoration on your front door.

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