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Do It Yourself Party Hats

Princess HatsThese hats are certainly cheap enough at Amazon’s prices (mouseover the photo for the price). But instead of just handing it to them, here’s a different kids birthday party idea: any conical hat is easy to make and can be a super party activity for your young guests.

You’ll find templates for a small party-hat sized hat at Blow this template up and cut from the large size construction paper for the larger sized hat you see in the photo.

For princess hats for all your little princesses, cut the templates and either make the cones for the young ones or let the older ones make and fit their own. Leave a bit of an opening at the top of the cone. Have different colors of tulle and ribbon from the craft or fabric store, cut to length beforehand, that they can string through that hole and tape to the inside of the hat. As in the picture, have braid or any kind of trim, also precut to size, that they can glue to the ‘rim’. Give them stickers or pre-cut shapes from construction paper (that your own princess can perhaps do for you) or glitter/confetti (messy) that they can then glue to their princess hats. Your princess hats don’t have to all pink either- use purple and blue as in the photo, lavender, yellow, and green all work too. Ribbon (satin is nice) taped to the inside to tie under their chins to keep the hats on will make it all work better.

Use black paper for a magician’s or sorcerer’s hat – a great accompaniment if you’re actually having a magician for your party entertainment. Yellow star and crescent moon shapes to paste on will complete the look.

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