DIY Cupcake Toppers

CupcakeCupcakes are an easy alternative to hours in the kitchen decorating a designer cake. They’re kid-sized and kid friendly too. And you can fancy them up to match any party theme with cupcake toppers you make yourself in very little time.

Once again, we turn to the internet to make a D-I-Y chore as easy as possible.

Find a cute graphic that projects your party’s theme. I always say a great place to start is Microsoft’s Image Gallery. You want to choose an image that will size to under 2″ across so as not to overwhelm your cupcakes. Print 2 copies of each image for each cupcake onto cardstock and cut them out into either circles or squares, 2″ across.

Using either plain white or transparent drinking straws or plain white paper rolled up tight to make sticks. Cut your topper sticks to be about 3 1/2″ or 4″ long. Put your images back to back with the stick in the middle and glue the two sides together so they are securely attached to the stick.

Make sure your cupcakes have icing that’s good and thick ( which the kids will love for all that sugary goodness) so it can support your cupcake topper when you stick them into your cupcakes.

For the cost of a little printer ink, you’ve got yourself custom cupcake toppers for whatever theme you choose for your birthday party. And it took you very little time to make them. That’s a Win-Win.

With cute toppers, your party food joins in the fun as a birthday party decoration too.

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