Coin Roller

DIY Coin Roller Toy

Coin Roller

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I just discovered this website and it’s a treasure trove of imaginative d0-it-yourself ideas for playthings for kids.

Like this cereal box coin roller. I know how many quarters we ended up putting in those spinning coin rollers at places like the zoo- kids are fascinated by this type of movement. So fascinate your little ones at home, no quarters required, just poker chips or small plastic lids or wooden coins you buy at the craft store or make and sand and paint.

Do follow the link to the toy slot box shoebox toy using the same wooden coins. For very little investment on your part, it’s a marvelous and fun size sorting activity for the little ones.

And this creative guy’s book looks wonderful– a delightful present for parents of young children. It includes 35 projects covering a variety of types of crafts and toys. All are designed to encourage open-ended play that encourages imagination and creativity yet are simple to make and require little time investment.

Include some simple home-made toys in your child’s activities– they’re cheap and they send a loving message that ‘you made this for me!’.

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