Dinosaur Memory

DinosaurMemory is one of my favorite birthday party games and it fits perfectly with a dinosaur themed party for your preschoolers. With your computer, colored printer and your floor, you can create a game with just enough challenge to keep them interested for a reasonable period of time.

In case you’ve forgotten, Memory is the game where you lay out a grid of pictures, 2 of each, and turning them over two at a time try to match up the pairs. Played large with standard printer paper sized graphics and laid out on the floor you add a spatial challenge to the game that makes it more fun.

Memory can be played in teams for a score and prize, if you so desire. Divide the kids into two teams, lined up one behind the other, with the first in line of each team alternately taking a shot at making the match. Make sure your grid of pictures is big enough so everyone gets at least one chance. For example, for a group of 10 kids I’d suggest having at least 8 pairs of pictures, for a total of 16 pictures, laid out 4 x 4.

You can find your dino graphics easily on line, but remember these kids are young so don’t get pictures that are too technical and hard to tell one from the other. Bright colors and ‘fun’ graphics are your best bet. You’ll find a nice assortment that you are free to use for your own personal use (i.e. not for commercial use) at Microsoft Office Online. You’ll just have to play around to find graphics that you can scale up to printer paper size without losing too much resolution.

Memory is yet another example of old fashioned party games that you can tweak to look new and fit right in with your chosen theme- in this case dinosaurs.

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