Daring Book

Daring Book for Girls

Daring BookThis one’s a two-fer: give it as a gift and they’ll have some giggles and fun with it at the sleepover party. And although I’m showing you the one for girls, there’s a Dangerous Book for Boys as well.

The Daring Book for Girls is a compendium of pseudo-advice for girls on how to do all kinds of things- one description that seems to be apt is it’s a mile wide and an inch thick. So not to be taken terribly seriously. And that makes it more fun.

While the Amazon reviews from parents are overwhelmingly positive , do read through them carefully as there a couple that highlight things that might really bother some parents.

So give this book as a birthday party gift and advise the receiving parent that it can provide some late night, low lights entertainment for the group. They’ll be grateful. Reading level here is advertised as age 9 and up.

BTW- this and the Dangerous Book for Boys are both among Amazon’s top sellers for kids. Doesn’t sound like the boy’s version is really sleepover material- more father-son stuff, but that’s good too.

You can always feel good about given books and more literacy as your birthday gift.

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