Time Traveler Charlie Travers

Charlie Travers, Time Traveller

Time Traveler Charlie TraversIt’s not often you can give a book as a gift to a boy, but this is one you can! Written specifically for 9 to 12 year olds, Charlie Travers appears to be the first in a new series that one UK reviewer on Amazon suggested might just be the next Harry Potter? High praise, indeed! To quote:
“And, like Rowling, she’s managed this by placing a very believable, down-to-earth hero in a fantastical setting.”

Charlie is your typical, lovable 12 far old boy with parents that have the unusual hobby of ┬átime travel, and Charlie gets to go along on their adventures. In this adventure, it’s to the early 1900’s in France, and the book is filled with real history and places a well as an engaging adventure. Charlie is drawn into a mystery while he’s there, so it’s not just boring facts and lecture-y history. It’s fun.

Anytime there’s a book that kids this age are likely to actually read and enjoy, it’s worth bringing to your attention and worth giving as a gift. And being a paperback, it’s most affordable as a party gift.


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