Cellphone Scavenger Hunt

CellphoneImagine using those ubiquitous cellphones for an engaging and fun birthday game that your preteen/tween bunch of kids will enjoy! Just make sure to include a “Bring your Cellphone” in your invitation.

Considering your party venue, come up with a list of items the kids have to find and take a cellphone picture of – not too easy but not impossible things to find. Google things like ‘nature scavenger hunt items’ or ‘mall scavenger hunt items’ or ‘neighborhood scavenger hunt items’ and you’ll get lots of good ideas.

Set a time limit to increase the competitive aspect of your cellphone scavenger hunt game. Send the kids out in teams of 3 to 5 so they have some fun along the way. You can give each team a list of items OR you can give one big list and whichever team phones in an items picture first gets credit for that item and the other teams are notified by cell (by you) that that item is now ‘off’ the list. This way, you stay involved with the whole thing and have some fun too while you drink your latte at the mall or your water out in nature as they play the game.

This party game is best suited to preteens or early teens who know when not to cross the line at the mall or in your neighborhood.  They’ll enjoy the game but know what not to do while they play and everyone stays out of trouble. Younger kids and it becomes more problematic.

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