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Princess Wand Invitations

Princess Wand Invitations

Princess Wand InvitationsWhat little girl wouldn’t be THRILLED to receive this invitation to your Princess Party! Another real ‘find’ over on Pinterest.

Princess wand invitations | bday ideas.

These aren’t that hard or time consuming to make. Print out your invitation text on card stock, add graphics to the text as you want,  cut them into star shape. Cut a star shaped back for each, insert a small dowel and glue the two together to attach the dowel. Outline the front in school glue (from the bottle, not the glue stick- too wide) and drop on the glitter. Add the little bow and VOILA!


Camping Party

TentThe good summer weather- if it EVER gets here- makes for great outdoor camping birthday parties. Today we have both an invitation and a game idea for this party theme. Camping parties work great in the backyard if you’ve got the space and understanding neighbors, or in the park with proper permissions from the authorities. If it’s an overnight, borrow tents if you can, otherwise have everybody sleep under the stars- with lots of bug spray. S’mores and ghost stories are required.

Easily make your tent party invitation. As in this graphic, a triangle with two flaps becomes a tent. Cut the slit for the tent opening in one piece of appropriately tent colored construction paper, bend the ‘flaps’ back, and glue this tent front to an invitation sized piece of card stock. Write your invitation inside the tent on the card stock where it’s visible when the flaps are opened, and use a sticker to keep the tent flaps closed. Voila- your invitation!

A camping birthday party begs for a nature scavenger hunt, but here’s a twist that’s easier for you to prepare and a good challenge for the kids. Stop in at the paint store and pick up a variety of paint chips in primarily natural colors. Use these to task the kids with finding items in nature that match these colors. Do include a few tough ones like pink (as seen in rocks) or orange (flowers, lady bugs) or yellow (bird beaks). If they’re old enough, let them take phone pictures of the things they find that they shouldn’t collect into a bag- like that bird with the yellow beak!

Lego Invitation

The Cutest Lego Invitation

Lego InvitationAllison Waken’s Lego birthday party invitation is just the best and she’s kindly made it available for download for your personal use at your next Lego birthday party. A BIG Thank You!!

She provides the graphics in the download- you need to purchase the tri-fold paper. The paper measures 5.75″ square tri-fold and is available at select Michaels craft stores. You can see it online here.

It appears from reading the post comments that if you want to change the figures from those she provides in the download, it does require some computer savvy and a graphics manipulation program, but it can be done. The trick will be taking the photos of your Lego figures, properly sizing them and getting them to align properly for the flip to the different views- which is, of course, what’s so much fun about this invitation.

You can’t see it well from this graphic, but your party particulars go on the middle piece of the tri-fold paper that’s revealed when the other two parts are flipped away. It’s also not obvious, but the kids get to play mix and match with this invitation by flipping the top portions away (note the cut into 3 pieces) to reveal a different Lego man underneath. This is the ‘fun’ part. All terribly clever and my hats off to Allison.

As always, a clever party invitation goes a long way toward getting your guests into the groove and ready to fully engage in the activities you have planned. So- it’s definitely worth spending a little extra time to make this unique and ‘get them excited’ invite to your Lego party.


More Lego Games

LegosMight as well continue on with a good thing and give you more Lego games and Lego party ideas. This time, thanks directly to the Lego website and the parents who posted their great ideas there.

Before the games comes the birthday party invitation, and this is a great idea. Using padded mailing envelopes and your Lego supply, put your party specifics right on several lego blocks with a Sharpie, put them all in a padded envelope for mailing. The invitee has to put the ‘Lego puzzle’ together to get their invitation info. I LOVE this!

Who’d have thunk it- Legos and chopsticks makes a challenging game, especially for the younger folks. Give each child a smallish (equal number) pile of legos of various sizes and shapes and a pair of chopsticks. On your mark, get set, GO and see who can get all their Legos into the jar or bowl in the center first. Easy (maybe) for you and me, not so simple for the kids. Or, add other small items to their pile and have them pick out ONLY the Legos to move to the center container.

Divvy those Legos back up (equally) among the kids and see who can build the tallest tower out of their Legos- without it falling down!

Have a Lego door prize – a jar full of Legos that every party guest writes down their guess as to how many are in the jar as they arrive at your Lego party. The closest guess gets the jar and the Legos in it to take home as their prize.

And a Lego scavenger hunt- inside or out. Hide your Legos and turn them loose. For the young ones just score it by how many they find and bring back. For older kids, score with different values for different colors and/or shapes. Send each one out with a bag to collect their Legos in.

Turns out a Lego party theme is easy to work with and it’s simple to tweak your games to support a Lego theme. Perfect for a young child’s party- preschool or early elementary age 6 to 8.


WhateverBall Invites

BasketballDo you know how easy it is to superimpose your invitation wording on top of a graphic using Word? Any graphic, say a basketball for your backyard basketball party or for your in the park football or soccer party.

If you only use Word as strict word processing, you’re probably not aware of it’s many graphic handling features, and they’re not hard to use. Find your graphic/clip art/photograph for your invitation, and I’ll walk you through adding all your invitation wording to it.

Either paste your graphic into Word, or if it’s a file on your computer go to Insert=>Picture=>From File and browse for your graphic. Click on the inserted graphic then go to Format=>Picture=>Layout=>Behind Text. Now grab one of the boxes you see at the edge of your graphic to size it for your invitation. [You may find the graphic you’ve chosen doesn’t expand very well, in which case choose another.]

Now you need your text tools– from View=>Toolbars=>Drawing and you should see an icon ‘A’ that says ‘text box’ when you mouse over it. Click it and draw your text box onto your graphic – you can use several text boxes if you so desire. Insert your text. Look further along on the Drawing toolbar and you’ll see icons for the line around your text box and the fill for your text box (none makes it translucent so your underlying graphic shows through) and your font color. Mouse over the various icons until you find these. About the only thing Word won’t let you do with these text boxes is rotate them, but I’ve never found that too constraining.

Now you know how to make a clever WhateverBall invitation for your next football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer party. Or, how to use any other graphic or photo you want with your party invitation wording superimposed on it. All with just Word.

Make a Movie

DVDGet your birthday child involved in putting their party together and create a unique video birthday party invitation! If their old enough, turn them loose on the project solo, and if not, help them to do it.

Use your webcam, your video camera, or still photos in a slide show. For a slide show, allows you to make 30 second videos for free, and gives you some background templates and music you can work with.

Your birthday child can ham it up to their favorite tunes, rap their invite, dress up in costume to deliver the invitation- whatever they want and have fun doing.

Your video invitation could also be composed entirely of clip art or word art. Find clips on-line that project your theme, copy them, size them, add text – you can do all of this in Word and even go to Word’s clip art gallery (from the drawing toolbar) to find graphics.

You don’t even need any graphics software to handle the ‘pictures’ you create in Word. First, left click on all the components of your picture with the CTRL key on your keyboard depressed to get all the components linked up together. With the cursor on one of the highlighted components, right click your mouse, choose ‘grouping’ and then ‘group’. Now save the grouped picture for your video invitation using the ‘save as’ function and choosing Webpage for the ‘save as type’. This will create both a folder and an html document: the folder will contain your grouped image for you to use in your slide show.

There are various ways you can send out your video invitation. Save it to DVD and either mail them out or hand deliver them. Animoto videos can also be distributed by email. YouTube videos can be set to private so only those you invite can see it.

Start the party fun by having fun making your video invitation.

The Pirate Map

Pirate MapThe new/next Pirates of the Caribbean movie is coming out soon, so you just know pirate birthday parties are going to be the big thing this summer. And the folks over at Invitation Box have come up with a winning invite for your pirate celebration. I don’t have permission to use their graphic, so follow the link above to take a look, and purchase if you so choose.

But with your computer and few minutes searching for graphics, you can make your own equally wonderful invitation. Just do a search on google images for ‘pirate maps’ and you’ll find quite a few to choose from. While it would be nice to have the map frame your words (i.e. the center of the map be blank so you can put in your invite text), there’s a good way around this problem. Print the map on the front of your invitation and your text on the back. Simple solution.

I confess to really liking the pirate stripe background that Invitation Box has used, and Word will allow you to do that too. Create your first red stripe using Words rectangle shape on their Drawing toolbar, and fill it in red with the paint bucket on the same drawing toolbar. Copy and then paste that first stripe to fill the page with red and white stripes. Then, insert your map graphic and format it in layout to be in front of the text, size it and you’ve got your stripes behind your map. Not so hard, eh?

You can get your guests plenty excited about your next pirate birthday party with a homemade invitation. If you’re short on time, it’s sure nice to know you can get them online, but if you’ve got a few minutes at your computer you can create equally terrific invitations.

Elmo for Preschoolers

ElmoElmo seems to have always been the favorite of all the wonderful Sesame Street characters, so for preschool birthday party themes he’s a natural. And pretty easy to pull off as well.

Chances are your Elmo aficionado already has an Elmo stuffed toy, so be sure to use it as part of your birthday party decorations. Use this 23″ x 24″ peel and stick Elmo wall decal as a special birthday gift that first adorns your entryway for the party. [If you purchase from Amazon through this link, I make a commission, which seems fair enough to me.] After the party, unstick it and move it to the birthday child’s room where they can enjoy it every day.

Search for Elmo on google images for a multitude of Elmo graphics you can print out to use for decorations (copyrighted, so only for your personal use).

Elmo’s simple face makes him very easy to copy for your birthday party  invitations. If you can manipulate shapes in WORD it’s easy to re-create his face there using circles of different colors and sizes and a cropped half circle for his mouth. Add your invitation language and print the whole thing out on regular sized paper to be folded into a business envelope.

Spend a little TV time cutting your circles out of construction paper and gluing them together into Elmo’s face and you’ve got an invitation that looks just like the kind of thing your preschool invitees would make- they’ll love it for that! Just write your invitation info in a Sharpie on the back.

Same goes for Elmo faced cupcakes: red icing, marshmallow eyes with M&M pupils, an orange jelly candy nose.

Tomorrow I’ll give you some preschool party games that can be tweaked for an Elmo party theme.

Pirate Invite

Words Make a Difference

Pirate Invite I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Use your invitation to get the kids excited about your party and full of anticipation.

When the kids walk in your door all pumped up and primed for your party, they’re in the frame of mind to engage in your planned activities. Provided those activities are, in fact, engaging, you won’t be spending the whole time playing bad cop because the kids won’t be wandering off, getting into trouble and making messes. A better time will be had by all.

You have two variables to work with to create that excitement with your invitations- your graphics and your text. Given that there are now zillions of graphics at your fingertips on the web, let’s focus on the words.

I’ve spoken before about using a challenge in your invitation to start getting the kids engaged. Perfect for something like an Olympics or Survivor party, but not as easily done for other themes. Second best is to get them guessing about what’s in store for them. Be clever, don’t give very much away, but hint at surprises.

Use language that reflects your party theme to also get the kids to get into the whole thing. A very good example are the 10 different iterations of  ‘pirate-speak’ you could use on a pirate birthday party invitation.

It’s worth your time to spend some time creating your invitations that will set your party apart from all the rest and thereby create anticipation and excitement that you can use to keep the kids engaged in your planned activities. Less Headaches- More Fun.

Safari Invite

Safari Jungle Passport Invitation

Safari Invite What fun to receive a cryptic, puzzling piece of mail- especially when you’re a kid that rarely gets any mail at all. If the child knows what a passport is, fine, and if not, it becomes even more of a puzzle and even more fun.

And a passport is the perfect complement to any jungle party or safari party your planning for your next birthday bash. It sets the stage for your jungle decorations and safari party theme and animal games. It gets them all excited and thinking about going to exotic places.

I’ve created this printable WORD based FREE safari jungle party invitation you can download and edit for your party particulars. Those particulars are on the inside of this quarterfold invitation, styled to look like and blend in with the other Visa stamps on the page. It takes a bit of looking to find them, and that’s the point. Each of the 4 entries- “Bring your Passport to join our Safari in Jungleland”, the date, the location and the RSVP info, are textboxes that you can edit for text, color, and style as you choose. Add another textbox if you wish them to come in costume or for any other message your invitation needs to convey.

Your birthday invitations needn’t be fancy for little kids- they’re not about to critique your graphic skills or make note of how much you spent on the invitations. They just want a party to look forward to, and the more fun the invitation is, the more they will do just that.