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5 Simple Ways Children Can Volunteer

HelpingWe dont’ usually think of children volunteering, but we should. Teaching empathy should really start at a young age. We are the models for our children, so volunteering as a family is a great way to teach the art of giving while bonding as a family in a joint effort.

5 Simple Ways Children Can Volunteer.

Adopt a volunteer organization or project as a family and get everyone involved. Make it a monthly or quarterly or annual event.


Discover a whole world of learning opportunities to share with your children– at Wonderopolis. Brought to us all by the National Center for Family Literacy and the recipient of multiple awards.

About Wonderopolis | Wonderopolis

Every day finds a new wonder to explore on this site. Information and answers, related vocabulary, media, quizzes, related material- it’s all there, every day, for new learning.

Explore all the wonderings from previous days too. Help your child submit his or her own wonderings and they might just pop up one day!

Put a link on your iPad or phone for those times when they need to be occupied.

This is a marvelous resource for both parents and children. Explore it and you’ll see.


KNex Competition

K’NEX Competition

KNex CompetitionIf you’ve got a K’Nex kid in your house, Heads Up! Your creative builder might really love to enter this K’Nex competition and work on their project over the summer. The competition is broken into 4 different age groups, age 5 up to 12.

K’NEX Competition for Kids with Prizes : PragmaticMom

For the right kids, this is a great learning challenge that involves planning, executing and documenting an activity that they already enjoy.

Batali Brothers Cookbook

The Batali Brothers Cookbook

Batali Brothers CookbookHaving had the VERY great pleasure of eating in their dad’s restaurant, I’m sure his two sons have some great ideas here to get other kids involved in the wonderful craft of cooking.

The Batali Brothers Cookbook: Leo Batali, Benno Batali: 9780062269348: Books

We all keep reading that cooking is an important part of a healthy life style, to get us all away from all the processed foods and their unhealthy ingredients, so we do need to teach our kids how and that it can be fun. What better way than with a book put together by kids just like our kids- and an inspiration to ‘achieve’ to boot!


Avoid the Summer Slide

SunSeveral good ideas here to minimize the dreaded ‘summer slide’. Where our kids lose from one to three months of what they learned last school year. Considering that they’re in school probably 9 months or even less counting vacation time, that’s more than 30% lost. Gone. Definitely worth trying to minimize.

Avoid the Summer Slide this Season with Scholastic and Frosted Mini-Wheats #PCBigDay

Come August, start the process by requiring reading and math time. Know what they’d learned when the year ended and keep them practicing that so it doesn’t disintegrate.


Exploding Milk

Exploding Milk

Exploding Milk

Two fun kitchen science experiments for the ‘price’ of one. A bargain! I’ve written before about magic milk paint, where the food coloring runs away from the dish soap making wonderful patterns in the food coloring.

This experiment adds on another old favorite– the vinegar and baking soda ‘explosion’- in technicolor!

Mess For Less: Exploding Milk Experiment

You can tell from the wide eyes in the photo that this is a big hit with the kids.

Graph Paper Drawing

Graph Paper Drawing

Graph Paper DrawingAnd you don’t even need to go buy the graph paper! You print it instead, and it doesn’t have to be little 1/4 inch squares, either. How about, circles, triangles, even hexagons! As the article says- where Art meets Math…

Graph Paper Drawing – Where Art and Maths Combine. –

Perfect rainy summer afternoon quiet time activity. Challenge them to make patterns with their drawings to add yet another learning element to this exercise. Keep them thinking all summer long.


How to Make Oobleck

OobleckThe very stuff from Dr. Seuss’ Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Kitchen science at it’s best.

How to make oobleck | Skip To My Lou

Simple with 2 ingredients you’ve already got in the kitchen. Tough to mix but resist the urge to add more water until you’ve ‘tested’ it’s miraculous properties.

For those not in the know, oobleck reacts like a liquid when in slo-mo, but becomes a solid when subjected to quick actions. Pretty unbelievable- watch their eyes go wide!