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Bounce House Nightmare

BounceNothing is without risk, but this is one I never even thought of:

Latest Nightmare Bounce House Accident Puts Moms on High Alert This Summer (VIDEO) | The Stir

Morale of this story? Just like the pool, never take your eyes off them for a second. And, perhaps, don’t go out of your way to find a bounce house for entertainment- there’s enough of them that are unavoidable at parties and events.

Healthy Food

Foods That Fool You

Healthy FoodIt occurs to me that presenting healthy foods to our kids at home isn’t really sufficient to teaching them how to eat healthy and develop the right life-long habits. We need to actively teach them what constitutes a good diet, that they have to read labels, and about the ‘deceptions’ that pervade in restaurants and even the supermarket. To wit…

Grocery Shopping Guide: Foods That Fool You

There’s way more nutrition information these days, and it looks like a life-long learning process as the science moves forward, so best to get them started now.

Jump Rope

Chinese Jump Rope Tutorial

Give the kids a new spin on the old classic of jump rope with Chinese Jump Rope- they can watch on you tube and they go try it! The elastic band jump rope is easily purchased on Amazon or at your local toy store

Classical Chinese Jump Rope Tutorial – YouTube

There are links to quite a few tutorials on this YouTube page.

Not quite as difficult as Double Dutch, but more intricate and challenging than plain jump rope. It’s a good, energetic outdoor activity. you know jump rope is considered a good aerobic exercise, even for adults!

Kids Swimming

Swimming Safety

Kids SwimmingIt’s that time of year- and a water safety review is a good idea for ALL parents and caregivers. It’s so easy for it all to go wrong…

Your Safe Kids | Safe Kids Worldwide.

We CAN’T rely on lifeguards to keep our kids safe– too few eyes on too many kids. Just like the kid up in the chair, we can NOT be distracted from watching them.

Healthy Food

Top 10 Super Foods to Help Kids Learn

Healthy FoodLiterally “Brain Food”. Foods with chemical properties that support brain health, cognitive development and memory. These need to be in your kids diets, and some of them will surprise you, and some of them are actually treats!

Food for Thought: Top 10 Super Foods to Help Kids Learn by @KidsGummyMum

Did you know that dark chocolate (70% cocoa) has more antioxidants than blueberries and raspberries? (I always knew chocolate was good stuff!)  And that antioxidants help cognitive development? That walnuts are a great source of the important omega-3’s we all need for best cognitive performance?

There’s other surprises on this list too.

Healthy Food

Fun Ways to Get Picky Eaters Trying New Foods

Healthy FoodGetting the right, healthy foods inside some children can be a real challenge, so here’s a bunch of good ideas to  help make it happen:

Fun Ways to Get Picky Eaters Trying New Foods – Mama Smiles – Joyful Parenting

Some of these tips are so obvious we don’t think to do them– serve everyone away from the table rather than at the table so there’s no chance to ‘complain’ before it’s put in front of them AND they see the same foods on everyone’s plate. Get them involved in the shopping and, if appropriate, the preparation, so they have some ownership in what’s on their dinner plate. To name just a few of the good ideas found here…

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies for Kids

Green SmoothieI wasn’t convinced until I made one and tried it that a ‘green’ smoothie wouldn’t have an overwhelmingly spinach taste. It doesn’t. So they’ll never know it’s really healthy and good for them- they’ll just think it’s a really cool color and that it tastes good!

Simple. Healthy. Tasty: St. Patty’s Day Green Smoothies for Kids

2 recipes here– one banana-peanut butter based and the other orange-peach based. Yum!

Add in some protein powder to keep their tummies feeling full and this can be an on-the-go hurry up morning breakfast.



Medicine Safety

PillsI hadn’t made the connections between poisonings and overdoses to the increase in medications being taken today versus in the past, but now it’s been documented.

Are all the meds in your house secure and safe from young explorers and older ones looking for trouble? Did you knowTylenol is often used as a suicide drug? So don’t think what’s innocuous to you is no threat to your kids.

No drug, over the counter or prescription, is safe for kids unless prescribed by a doctor.

Rise in Adult Medications Means More Child Poisonings | Parents News Now.