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Spring Tea Light Jar

Spring Themed Tea Light Holder

Spring Tea Light JarKitchen table fun or the perfect party craft and take-home party favor as we approach Mothers Day! And simple enough for small kids with developing motor skills to do pretty much all by themselves.

Spring Craft – Spring Themed Tea Light Holder

All this craft requires is the jars (save them, collect them from neighbors or just buy them at the craft store), spring colored tissue paper, diluted white glue  and some paint brushes.

If doing these to send home for mom on her day, have boxes, gift wrap and curling ribbon plus gift tags to get it all done for them so it’s really a surprise. Buy the tea lights and put one in each completed jar. You and a helper will have to do the wrapping, but even little kids can do the curling ribbon with their safety scissors.

Creme Eggs

Homemade Creme Eggs

Creme EggsThe fact that these are better for the environment is wonderful, but I see these as a nice do-it-together Easter activity for the cooking parent and a child old enough to have a little finesse in the kitchen. And be so very proud of these goodies in their Easter baskets.

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

The recipe calls for Lyle’s Golden Syrup– a staple in the UK but hard to find in the US. Look here for substitutes.


Spring Meringue

Spring Meringue Recipe

Spring Meringue

These practically tell you that they belong in everybody’s Easter baskets this year! Meringues are actually quite simple to make, even though they look so pretty.

Mess For Less: Spring Meringue Recipe – Food Fun Friday.

After Easter, do make these with the kids. Because they’re egg white based, the making involves a whole lot of science learning as the egg whites change consistency and color.



Geek Eggs

Geeky Easter Eggs

Geek EggsYour kids a little too old to really appreciate their Easter basket? Then these ‘geek eggs’ are the perfect thing for you:

Web Coolness: Geeky Easter eggs, Minecraft 101, Google’s big leak, and LEGO Star Trek at Cool Mom Tech

I guarantee they’ll think you’re the coolest parents if your Easter celebration includes eggs like these. Can you draw a Mark Zuckerberg face?  Have some good fun with this!

Easy Chocolate Truffles

Easy Chocolate Candy Truffles

Easy Chocolate TrufflesPut ‘easy’ and ‘chocolate truffles’ in the same sentence and you’ve for sure got my full attention! Especially with Easter just around the corner. You really won’t believe how simple this is. I’ve not yet tasted them, but they’ve just got to be really good. Perfect home-made goodies for your loved one’s Easter baskets.

Easy Chocolate Candy Truffles.

And if turning marvels out of your kitchen is your thing, this is a blog you might just want to check out.

Pen And Paper

Name Poems

Pen And PaperI’m ALWAYS in favor of activities that promote literacy, but this one works so very well with the upcoming Easter holiday.

Poetry for Kids: Name Poems – Mama Smiles – Joyful Parenting

The only rule here is that each line start with a letter of the name, sequentially. If your kids are old enough, challenge them to write a name poem for each member of the family to be put inside an Easter Egg. Parents included- both as subjects and as authors. What Fun!!

Passover Desserts

Kid-Friendly Passover Desserts

Passover DessertsSince we don’t celebrate Passover at our house, I wasn’t aware that Passover desserts often tasted like cardboard. In fact, I LOVE macaroons! But these 10 dessert ideas can find a place at most every table, and a bunch can be made by the kids themselves.

Kid-Friendly Passover Desserts

The ‘truffle macaroons, the strawberry bars and the chocolate meringues all look yummy!