Castle Cake

Castle Cake

Castle Cake

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Kudos to Dede over at the Enjoy Life Love Life blog for figuring out this beautiful castle cake for her daughter’s princess birthday party. Simplicity wins again and makes it something anyone can duplicate for their princesses.

Sheer brilliance to use ice cream cones for castle spires. You’ll notice in the photo that there are two kinds of cones- sugar cones on top and the regular cones underneath. I can only assume the bottom cones have simply been jammed into the baked cake, so they need to have pointed not square ends. Or, just use the upside down sugar cones nestled into the icing on the top and all the spires will be the same height but no mashed cake underneath.

The ball candies atop the spires definitely complete the castle effect.

You can do homemade or use a box cake with pink frosting and either a decorating tip on your pastry bag or just buy the canned frosting with the tip. Either way will delight the princesses.

This cake hasn’t, but you could also frost the cones, perhaps in a different shade of pink or in white. Another variation might be to use small, colorful candies stuck onto the sides of the cake. Be creative!

Your birthday party food or cake doesn’t need to be professional or expensive from a bakery to delight your birthday party princesses.

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