Feed Me Game

Carnival Ball-In-The-Hole Game

Feed Me GameHere’s a ‘Thank You’ to Mansi over at the Experimenting Mom blog for showing us all how to easily make this old-time favorite carnival game. It’s a great addition to a summer outdoor birthday party as well as, perhaps, your contribution to the next school or church fair.

This clown is drawn on cardboard but you might want to use foam board for it’s rigidity and ability to stand up to a bit of abuse from the kids. While the Experimenting Mom is a graphic designer, you can see how easily even those of use that are artistically challenged can copy these blocks of color with markers or paints to make an acceptable graphic. Remember, your audience here is a bunch of kids, not the local art review board.

If a clown doesn’t exactly fit your theme, go on line for clip art that does reflect your theme and choose something to copy that is similarly simple; if it’s comprised of simple shapes and strong colors (not nuanced) it’s much easier to copy.

Cut your game holes into the cardboard or foam board. If your chosen subject has no mouth, just put the holes outside the image on the board- you can even have more than one with different point values. Cut down and then tape kitchen sized garbage bags to the backs of the holes to catch the balls. Use inexpensive ping pong balls (you can usually get them at the supermarket) for the kids to try to toss into the holes. As ping pong balls don’t have much ‘heft’, Put something in the bags like a plastic container so the bag is open and the balls can get in easily.

Prop your game board up on your easel or just lean it against a tree or the garage door, lifted up off the ground by sitting it on a table. Give each child 3 to 5 balls for their turn. Have extras as they can easily disappear when the kids miss.

You needn’t be an artist to pull off this home-made carnival-style game board, and it’s just as much fun outside in the yard on a beautiful summer day as it is at the church or school fair.

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