Camping Party

TentThe good summer weather- if it EVER gets here- makes for great outdoor camping birthday parties. Today we have both an invitation and a game idea for this party theme. Camping parties work great in the backyard if you’ve got the space and understanding neighbors, or in the park with proper permissions from the authorities. If it’s an overnight, borrow tents if you can, otherwise have everybody sleep under the stars- with lots of bug spray. S’mores and ghost stories are required.

Easily make your tent party invitation. As in this graphic, a triangle with two flaps becomes a tent. Cut the slit for the tent opening in one piece of appropriately tent colored construction paper, bend the ‘flaps’ back, and glue this tent front to an invitation sized piece of card stock. Write your invitation inside the tent on the card stock where it’s visible when the flaps are opened, and use a sticker to keep the tent flaps closed. Voila- your invitation!

A camping birthday party begs for a nature scavenger hunt, but here’s a twist that’s easier for you to prepare and a good challenge for the kids. Stop in at the paint store and pick up a variety of paint chips in primarily natural colors. Use these to task the kids with finding items in nature that match these colors. Do include a few tough ones like pink (as seen in rocks) or orange (flowers, lady bugs) or yellow (bird beaks). If they’re old enough, let them take phone pictures of the things they find that they shouldn’t collect into a bag- like that bird with the yellow beak!

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