Cake Icing Tip

How do you make your birthday cake icing look flawless? With no crumbs that make it look, well, crummy? Here’s a solution I didn’t know about that will get you past this problem.

In a nutshell, you put a thin layer of buttercream frosting all over your cake to seal in those crumbs. I’m no expert, but it seems to me this technique requires a frosting that hardens a bit rather than staying soft, and that’s a buttercream frosting.

Buttercream is easy and quick to make using your mixer, and the ingredients are commonplace- powdered sugar, butter, shortening,  vanilla and milk or water. Head on over to for a tried and true buttercream recipe with all kinds of flavoring tips.

With this cake decorator tip in you pocket, you’ll never be fearful of having your cake look messy again. No special talent is required to write ‘Happy Birthday Davey’ and create a pretty edge around the top of your box-made cake using the gel or paste tubes with tips that you buy right in the supermarket. So unless your dead set on a super fancy cake that’s totally beyond your skill level, you don’t need to shell out a big bunch of money for a bakery cake. And saving money is always a good thing.

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