Bubble Painting

Bubbles It’s like 100 degrees here today, so why am I thinking about birthday party crafts and activities that you can do outside? Because the calendar tells us that outside won’t be an option for all that much longer, at least not here in the Northeast.

So while the weather’s still good, your party kids can create bubble paintings out on your driveway. Be sure to include on your invitation that everyone either bring a smock or wear old clothes.

Couple your bubble painting with some time spent blowing bubbles- always a favorite. You can even make your own bubble soap. When you’re ready to switch to the craft activity, ask the kids what else they can do with bubbles? Chances are, they won’t guess they can paint with bubbles, and that’s your perfect segway into the bubble painting.

You’ll need bubble soap or dishwashing liquid, washable tempera paints, straws, foil pie tins and decent paper for the paintings. Have the kids mix the soap and the paint in the shallow tins and then blow in the mixture through their straws until they get a good amount of bubbles, well overflowing the top of the tin. When there’s a good amount of bubbles, press the paper down on the bubbles so that a bunch of the bubbles pop, WITHOUT letting it touch the liquid in the tin.

The kids can repeat the process with different colors for a kaleidoscope effect.

If you use printer paper for the paintings, you can dry them and then print snapshots from the party on each child’s painting for them to take home.

Messy- yes, but do it outside where clean up is with the hose (well supervised or you’ll be having a water war). Remember- messy is ALWAYS fun!

This is an easy and inexpensive outside craft activity for preschool and/or early elementary school aged kids, age 6, maybe 7.

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