Boochie Ball

BoochieBoochie Ball is a great ‘get up off the couch’ game that the whole family can enjoy and you ‘ll feel good about giving as a kids birthday gift or ‘gifting’ to your own kids for family fun.

Patterned after the game of bocce ball, a game which has certainly withstood the test of time, you can be assured that everyone will have fun with Boochie Ball. Included are the 12 sided Boochie target, 4 toss rings and 4 bean balls, 4 wrist trackers (scorers) and a vinyl carry bag. For 2 to 4 players age 8 and up.

Toss out the target then take turns trying to get as close as possible to the target with your balls and rings. Each of the 12 sides of the target have different instructions for earning bonus points, so the games are always different. The most points wins.

The parent reviews on Amazon make clear that everyone in the family gets into the fun. It gets competitive, it gets silly, it gets noisy, it gets parents doing something fun with their kids. And best of all, it gets everybody moving and away from their ‘screens’. Any birthday gift that accomplish all of these things is in the winners circle as far as I’m concerned.

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