Bits And Pieces Box

Bits and Pieces Box

Bits And Pieces BoxKeep the cost of all those art supplies down a bit with this inspired idea from Rachelle at Tinker labs:

Art Tips :: Make you own bits and pieces box :: How to Collage Art.

Anything that crosses your path that catches your eye, put in in your Bits and Pieces Box. Tear interesting and/or colorful things out of your magazines, or off the top of take out menus. When the kitchen table is in full creative swing, pull the box out and see the imaginative things they come up with to do with your ‘bits and pieces’.

I’ve written before about the educational value of making collages, and how it encourages a different kind of thinking. Your Bits and Pieces Box will encourage this thought process and a new kind of creativity in your kids, all while saving a few bucks.

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