Animal Balloons

Animal Balloon Birthday Party Craft

Animal BalloonsA simple balloon based birthday party craft activity for the little ones, or a bit more complex craft for the older set. Either way, this is the perfect tie-in to your animal or jungle party, or safari themed birthday party.

I recommend that you provide the helium filled balloons– and pick your colors to match the animals. Purple is probably not a good choice.

For the young ones, you can purchase animal face balloon stickers in a kit for the cow, pig and duck you see in the graphic at a reasonable price of under $10 for a dozen at Amazon, as of this writing. Although balloons come in the kit, unless you have a helium tank they won’t float; that’s why I recommend you get them separately. Do supervise so no preschoolers put broken balloon in their mouth- choking hazard. [NOTE: if you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission fromo Amazon and that seems fair to me.]

For older kids, they can make their own stick-ons using construction paper, markers, scissors, feathers, google eyes, whatever you find to give them, plus the glue sticks. I strongly suggest you make 3 or 4 examples for them to see the how and then they’ll come up with their own embellishments and other animals, based on the start your models give them.

Either way, the kids will have fun with this birthday party craft, be busy for a while, and can take home their creations as a very inexpensive birthday party favor.

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