Bird Masks

Bird Mask

Photo courtesy of pinkandgreenmama.

I’ve posted about the fun of mask making for birthday party crafts before, and here’s the proof– courtesy of the ever creative Mary Lea over at the Pink and Green Mama blog.

If you can find cheap, undecorated paper masks to give the kids to start with, good for you as I couldn’t find any on line that weren’t too expensive. However, you can make them easily yourself with plain paper for creating your template, scissors and posterboard or card stock for the final masks, and elastic to keep them on. Here’s a template you can start with. Play around with the size and the eyehole placment with your own child for proper sizing, get your template and then cut them out for your party guests. Attach the elastic to keep them on and they’re all ready for the kids to make their masks.

This mask has been decorated with bits of colorful tissue paper, a colorful triangular beak that you may have to help them with, feathers and jewel stickers around the eyes. If you’ve got it, bits of colorful felt would also work well.

Expect, or encourage, lots of bird calling. Bird dancing (i.e. freeze dancing) in full plumage will shake out some sillies. Have the kids play ‘floor concentration’ using bird graphics from the web (if they’re at least kindergarten age) – see “as a birthday party game” on this post for instructions to play this.

Bird masks are a perfect craft activity┬áto add an avian component to your animal party, safari party or jungle party. And if you’ve got any other bird related games to add to the mix, please let people know about them here.

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