Big Nate Laughs

Big NateLaughter is good for the soul, so it makes one of best kids birthday gifts you can give. And when you can get a preteen to see the humor in their own everyday life, you may be giving a very valuable gift indeed. (NOTE: should you make a purchase through a link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon- seems fair to me.]

Big Nate is the comic strip creation of Lincoln Pierce, appearing in more than 600 newspapers worldwide. Also on the web at I encourage you to take a detour, get a chuckle, and see how well this can work as a birthday party gift for the typical preteen.

The first Big Nate book came out on the New York Times children’s bestseller list. Big Nate Out Loud is a compilation of comic strips that have only appeared in the newspaper and on online. I’m thinking that perhaps especially for kids who aren’t lovers of reading, the comic strip format might be a great way to get them started laughing along with Nate’s adventures. Any way to get kids reading is always a plus in my book. Just because it’s in comic strip format, don’t think it’s a throw away like a comic book; it’s 224 pages of funny.

Big Nate fights the same daily ‘battles’ at school that all 6th grade kids do– he suffers from bad cafeteria food, puts up with obnoxious kids and teachers that want him to excel and work really hard.  Every 6th grader can relate to Nate’s trials and tribulations, but with a smile.

Laughter AND literacy- the perfect combination for the perfect birthday gift.

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