ChickenFound this drawing and laughing animal party game for you on Hubpages. It’s great for kids on the upper end of elementary school, say ages 8, 9 and 10. And it’s perfect for any animal themed party, safari party or jungle party.

This game requires imagination, rudimentary drawing skills on the part of the kids (hence the slightly older age recommendation), markers and plenty of newsprint. You can buy newsprint in big pads at a reasonable price.

Prepare animal names written on pieces of paper to be drawn out of a hat or a bag. Try to keep the animals to ones that can be fairly easily drawn, i.e. that have a distinguishing characteristic or shape that stands out and makes the rest of the drawing less important, such as an elephant (trunk), a tiger or zebra (stripes), a snake (long and skinny), rhino (body shape). You can even have a few repeats is needed.

Team the kids up into pairs and have each pair draw 2 animal names. Then send each pair off with 5 or so sheets of newsprint and their markers to go draw and name their combined animal. Give them 10 minutes, and if they demand more time give them another 5.

Tape each team’s drawing up and have the group guess which two animals it is, and have the group make up names- that’s the laughing part. You can even challenge them to come up with the most ridiculous combination animal!

This is an easy game with minimal preparation and minimal cost that will challenge their imaginations and keep them busy.

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