Animals Fantastic

SwitchZooThis is a fun and educational computer game that makes a great gift for anyone that loves animals. Calling all ‘Animal Planet’ junkies!! My youngest would have absolutely loved this game.

Parenting magazine named Switch Zoo Deluxe one of the best computer games in 2005. It teaches animal facts while inspiring imagination and creativity as the kids combine different body parts from 140 lifelike onscreen creatures. Hilarity often results, but so does education. The players are encouraged to create biographies for their creations, name them and even write stories about the creatures they make. Given the kids interest in both animals and something they’ve created, it truly encourages writing and has been used by teachers for that reason.

The game includes a factual profile of all the animals included for mixing and matching, so the kids are learning about real animals while they create their own species. The game is imagination building fun for the young ones who aren’t yet readers as well as for the older ones who can absorb the facts.

Be sure to scroll down on Amazon’s page and read the three parent reviews of this game. You’ll be convinced.

Games can be great teachers and skill builders, and this one does both.

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