Animal Paddleball

Animal Paddleball

Animal PaddleballTwo for one is always a good deal and these cute animal paddleball games are just that for your nextbirthday party. And at $11 for a dozen at Amazon as of this writing, they’re affordable too! Call it $1 per kid for a take home party favor that’s way better than a bag full of tootsie rolls! [NOTE: If you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon, and that seems fair to me.]

Perfect for any animal birthday party, safari themed party or jungle birthday, or basically any themed party ’cause kids like animals. Save them for favors at the end  or better still bring them out any time your party kids need to blow off some steam and settle down a bit so they focus on the next party activity you have planned. Summer or winter, jackets or no, you can send them outside to the driveway for 15 or 20 minutes to bang these guys around and work off some of that sugar high.

You can even turn it into a mini competition. After they’ve had a little practice, make or have the kids sort themselves into two teams, then into pairs with one from each team. You with your stopwatch give each pair one minute with the child on team A bouncing the ball on the paddle and the child on team B counting the bounces. If it’s a miss, the count goes back to zero. Record the scores and add them all up for a team total. Then, switch sides with A doing the counting and B the bouncing, tally the scores and declare the winning team. One minute can be the warm-up; next round can be 3 minutes.

If you’ve used the paddles as a game have a Sharpie available so everybody can write their name on their paddles and have them ready for them to take home as their favor at the end of your party.

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