Animal Concentration

GiraffeI’ve been doing animal-jungle-safari related party posts, so I decided to continue with the animal concentration party game. This is a game that can be tweaked for a multitude of party themes, just change up the images, but it works particularly well for an animal or jungle  or safari themed party. Why? Because of the wealth of animal images available for you on the web to use in your game.

As I always recommend, turn this game into a floor game using full size (8 1/2″ x 11″) images. The spatial challenge of having your game grid laid out on the floor makes the game just a bit more challenging. Use an even numbered grid such as 4×4 (16 image, 8 pairs) or 4×5 (20 images, 10 pairs) or 4×6 (24 images, 12 pairs). The more pairs in your game, the harder for the kids to remember and the more challenging it is, so use larger grids for older kids.

Now for the extra fun you can have with this game with animals. Make animal pairs but use 1 clip art and 1 photo to make the matching/remembering process a little more challenging. You can find many, many animal photos on the website. And  has tons of animal graphics you can match with the photos to make your pairs for the game. That extra mental jump of matching different images of the same subject animal gives the game another challenging dimension, so you can use the game with somewhat older kids.

Divide your group into 2 teams, and give each child a turn choosing which pictures in the grid to turn over and try for the match. You can even re-play by mixing everything up and relaying them out in your grid. This is a very simple game that has withstood the test of time and tweaks beautifully to fit your animal or jungle or safari party theme.

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