Angry Birds Slingshot Game

Angry Birds Slingshot Game

Angry Birds Slingshot GameA different and probably easier take on the Slingshot Game for your Angry Birds party. Use green balloons for the piggies and good sized cardboard boxes for the ‘structure’. Due to it’s larger scale, the re-stacking after a successful demolition will be much less time consuming than with a smaller scale structure.

A Birds Birthday Party Day 3: Games | Fun 2B Frugal.

The larger scale requires a larger Angry Bird, and dodge balls (also known as playground balls) apparently work just right. They even come in the requisite colors of red and yellow. Get out your kids’ acrylic paints and turn them into Angry Birds – or not, as time and your creativity permit.

Fun 2B Frugal actually constructed a slingshot from 2×4’s, and exercise bands, but kicking the balls is another and simpler option. Just test it out to determine the proper distance from your structure to place the kick line, based on the age and ability of the kids.

Remember to give the green piggie balloons a score number with your Sharpie so when one get knocked loose you can score for each child.

Needless to say, this is an outdoor Angry Birds party game.


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