Allergy Friendly Treats

CupcakeBanning sugary treats from the school for birthday’s shouldn’t be confused with being responsible about possible allergic reactions, usually caused by nuts. I recommend for your reading as a helpful kids tip on an important parenting subject the heated discussion and response over at the Huffington Post.

Yes, it’s sad that the tradition of birthday treats is being thrown out at our schools where a little celebration of their special day means a whole lot to our children. Yes, the sugar in those cupcakes does in some small way contribute to the obesity epidemic we face here in America, which has now trickled down to include our kids. I would, however, argue that the contribution from a few birthday treats on someone’s special day is meaningless in the scheme of things. Not because I’m the birthday party games lady, but because traditions and birthday’s are both important, attack all the other, every day and constant causes of the epidemic and leave the special occasions alone. My opinion.

BUT- we parents really do need to be aware and careful about ingredients that might hurt the allergic child. I know I don’t have an allergic child, and they had no friends who were allergic, so I never gave it much thought. My bad.

But in the classroom setting where you don’t know everyone or their medical histories, it’s critical that we parents assume responsibility and send in NOTHING with nuts. Gluten free is a newer issue we parents need to deal with, but we can ask teachers if it’s an issue. If so, search for a gluten free recipe or send in a gluten free alternative for the sensitive child. Here you go.

Sadly, allergies seem to have become much more common, so we parents all need to adjust our thinking when it comes to those birthday treats we send in to school- in those communities where they still permit it.

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