Ahoy there Matey!

Pirate InvitePirate parties are for either pre-schoolers or young elementary school aged kids. So don’t even think of sending an e-vite, as kids this age (1) LOVE getting real mail and (2) most likely aren’t yet into email.

An invitation in a bottle hand delivered to each guest’s front porch or walk is ideal for a pirate party. You can recycle your water or soda bottles, labels removed. Make your invitation full page (8 ½ x 11” size) rather than quarter-fold for this presentation. Tea stain the paper, even crinkle them up and then iron them, to make them look authentic. You can also scorch the edges with a lighter for full effect.

If you’ve not got the time for all that, and driving to each child’s house for the delivery, I’ve created a simple downloadable and editable pirate party invitation for you on my website. Just edit in the underlined variables, remove the underlining, and print as many as you need. These are quarter-fold invitations that fit in a standard invitation sized envelope.

Feel free to edit the wording, the graphics, anything at all to personalize your invitation. It would be good fun to have your birthday child get all dressed up as a pirate, with the bandana, the eye patch, the striped shirt, and use a photo of it all on the front instead of the graphic I provide. This works especially well if you want them all to come dressed up as pirates- which of course, you do.

The invitations are your first shot at getting them all excited about and eager for your Pirate Birthday Party, so make it intriguing and appealing on their level (not on your adult level).

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