Advent Activities

Advent Activity Countdown

Advent ActivitiesSorry for being 5 days late in getting this Holiday Advent kids activity to everyone– I just found it! Not that we all need to build more excitement toward Christmas, but it IS fun!

Thanks to Activity Mom for this printable, downloadable series of advent kids activities. The printables include countdown cards, the activities and materials list, all to make the countdown to Christmas fun AND educational.

Make a big deal out of the countdown cards and your child will look forward to everyday’s new activity. Activity Mom has several good suggestions for how to do this, but my favorite is to choose the activity in the morning so they have all day to look forward to it. Pick the activity card out of a Santa Hat, unwrap it ( if you’ve got the energy to wrap each one), pluck it off the Christmas tree- the how doesn’t really matter.

The Advent activities themselves are both games and crafts, so if you want to order them (as opposed to a random pick each day) to vary the activities- go for it. And it’s a good idea to gather up all the materials needed for all the activities so you can just grab and go.

Looks like Activity Mom has lots of good ideas for little kids – take a look. It’s always a good idea to have a storehouse of things to do you can pull from when you hear ‘I’m bored’.

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