Kids In Circle

A Quiet Circle Game

Kids In CircleHere’s a good ‘quiet them down’ game you can insert in your kids birthday party when needed to keep everyone on a even keel and you sane. It’s always a good idea to have a game like this in reserve for those unforeseen times when the excitement and the sugar get out of hand and you need a way to calm things down. Thanks to for this one. [They’re always a good source for answers and inspiration.]

Arrange your guests in a sit down circle and choose one as ‘it’.¬†First off- explain to the kids how the game is played:

‘It” leaves the room to a place where they can’t see what’s going on. One person in the circle is designated the leader and does something that all the others in the circle must mimic- pat their head, hold their nose, put their hand on their foot- anything that can be done quietly and while sitting down. Everyone else mimics that action. The leader changes the action up every few seconds and the rest must follow quickly. ‘It’ must guess who the leader is.

Send ‘It’ away, silently designate the ‘leader’ by pointing, and start them off. Bring ‘It’ back into the room. He/she has two chances to guess the leader. If ‘It’ can’t guess correctly, then the ‘leader’ becomes ‘It”. If ‘It’ can guess correctly, ‘It’ chooses someone else to become the new ‘It’, and the game is repeated until the kids lose interest.

It’s not so easy to find party games¬†that calm them down while still being fun and engaging for a while, so put this is your bag of party tricks.

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